Big Brother

Day 1

     Julie Chen stands outside the famed Big Brother house in front of a live studio audience. I am standing alongside 7 other houseguests and I just learned that the first 8 contestants are already inside the house.
     “Are you ready to start your 90-day adventure inside the Big Brother house? Then welcome to Big Brother, where this season we put houseguests who were eliminated first overall in their respective reality shows against each other!”
     I look over and see one half of that team from Amazing Race, that other dude from the Voice, that lady from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and instantly gain a lot of confidence.
     “I’m going to run over these fools,” I accidentally say out loud in from the MasterChef girl, who looks at me weird. “Oops,” I say, trying to save face in the situation. “I’m the funny guy!” I add, using Jazz hands to show my humourous side.
     Finally, Julie lets us inside the house and we all meet each other and see the house. It’s so big! We all gather in the living room and introduce ourselves. I am still known as the guy who wanted to take a chicken all the way to the end of Survivor with me, which of course is not at all how I wanted to be remembered. I am trying to lay low, but that is definitely not happening. I let all the other houseguests know that I am now a vegetarian and I will not be talking to or making side deals with any chickens during the season.
     Of course, our night in the house would not be easy, as Julie set up the first Head of Household competition of the season. It was a classic. Whoever can stay on a rope the longest as it spins in a circle. A balancing competition. My goal was simple. Lose. Make sure I’m not a threat to anybody this early in the game.
     So, about 10 minutes in, I drop “accidentally”, eliminating myself from the competition early. About an hour later, some guy named Drew won it. Turns out he was also on Survivor and lost first the season before mine. Perfect.
     After the competition, we are all exhausted, naturally, so we go inside and sleep.

Day 2

     Today is nomination day, so I figured I should probably talk to Drew and play up this whole “Survivor Alliance” thing we might have going on.
     I go up to Drew in his new HOH room and small talk him a little bit.
     Then I bring up the fact we were both on Survivor and the mood changes.
     He gets a little cold on me and makes up an excuse that he needs to take a shower so I better leave.
     It’s fine though, I think. There are 14 other people in the house. Surely there are better options than me to nominate.
     Then we get to the nomination ceremony.
     Drew gives the normal speech, then delivers the bad news and boy, does it ever cut deep.
     “Josh, I nominated you because there is only room in this house for one Survivor contestant. The sole Survivor will be me and in order for that to happen, you need to leave.      And I can’t trust someone who wouldn’t even cry on loved one letter day. Disgusting.”
     “It was day 2,” I respond.
     Even worse, Drew nominated me beside a tiny girl who the entire house loved. Turns out she survived being hit by a bus. A remarkable story.
     I had some work to do.

Day 3

     Today, we play the Veto.
     A chance for me to win my safety and get myself off the block.
     For this competition, the 6 of us competing had to spin around in a circle for 10 seconds, then try to hit a set of bowling pins with a bowling ball.
     Easy stuff, or so I thought.
     I was the first person eliminated. Hit-by-bus girl even got further than me.
It was won by the MasterChef girl. Yes, the one who heard me say that I was going to “run over these fools.”
     God help me.

Day 4

     The Veto Ceremony.
     MasterChef girl (I probably should have learned her name by now) doesn’t use it on me, quoting my own words about running over the fools and apparently I’m too cocky and the whole house would like me gone. Plus, if I wanted to take a chicken to the final two over a bunch of humans, surely I couldn’t be trusted.
     There was nothing I could do.

Day 5

     Eviction day.
     We are all sitting in the living room as Julie Chen is on the big screen during the live eviction.
     She gives both nominees a chance to give a short speech to show the house why they should keep us, which is a something that Jeff Probst sure didn’t do.
     Bus Girl tells the story of how she fell in love with the paramedic who saved her life and now they have a little daughter together, and now it’s not time for her to come home and see her yet.
     The houseguests weep.
     I stand up and start talking about how I have met all these wonderful people in the house and maybe it’s time to eliminate the Bus Girl because she has a great social game and nobody will win against her in the final two.
     The houseguests and the crowd outside start to boo.
     “Okay, okay everyone. Calm down.” Julie tries to restore order. “It’s time to vote. The HOH and two nominees will not vote.”
     One at a time, they get up and vote.
     Julie comes back.
     She clears her throat.
     “With a vote of 13 to zero, Josh, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.”
     I stand up to leave and the entire house ignores me, until Drew finally says something.
     “She was hit by a bus man. She could have died. Show some respect.”
     The entire house claps as I leave.
     When I walked out of the house, the live crowd booed me. I went over to Julie who was seated in the middle of the stage, beside an empty stool. As I go to sit down beside her for the normal exit interview, she kicked over the stool and pointed right to the back.
     I sighed and walked out with my head down.
     A loser. That’s all I ever was and that’s what I will always be.


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