History of a Word



⦁ An oral disagreement; verbal opposition; contention; altercation; within a dream; where the person dreaming successfully overpowers their opponent in a duel of wits.
⦁ A discussion involving different points of view; debate; but like, in a dream and you win.

     Ah yes, the classic dream argument. Picture this: you walk into a town in the Wild West. People are staring at you like you don’t belong. Because you don’t. You find a saloon and wonder all in. The room goes quiet. You order a beer but instead you get a little sass from the bartender. He comes at you with a fact. Something like, the sky is green. You reach into your wealth of knowledge and tell him that the sky is in fact, blue. Everybody goes outside and cheer for you as you all look up, and your point is proven. You just experienced a windreamument. Then you wake up and go to work in a town that is certainly not a Wild West situation.




⦁ Entering into any sort of squabble with a being that is not human, regardless of win or lose.

     For example, if you walk into the same Wild West saloon and you accidentally give the racoon at the table by the bar a sour look, and he comes over and wants to discuss oil or like, the conflict happening overseas, and he schools you so bad with his facts that you lose and get kicked out of the saloon, that’s an argumaladreamument. If it went the other way and you said something smart to make you the winner, it would be the same word. It’s an act, really. The act of argumaladreamument.


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