Joke Explanation

“Start an improv group with your lawyer buddies and call it ‘Hilarity ‘N Sues’.”

      Hilarity ensues are two words you say at the end of a sentence, like “Give a man a flame thrower and a bowling ball and watch the hilarity ensue” or “Joey and Chandler meet a kangaroo, teach it to dance, and hilarity ensues!” Hilarity is a form of the word hilarious, which is what improv is.
     Now, why lawyers? Well, lawyers live in a courtroom and what else happens in a courtroom? Lawsuits. When people want to bring a lawsuit against someone else, they must declare: “I am going to sue you!” So, a mix of the word Hilarity for improv and Sues for lawyers, add a juicy ‘N in the middle and that makes Hilarity ‘N Sues, a great name for an improv group full of lawyers.
     If a bunch of clowns wanted to start an improv group and call themselves that, it wouldn’t make any sense, unless the clowns had day jobs in the courtroom.


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