New TV Pilot Idea


⦁ New detective comes to a small seaside town
⦁ Her name? Angela Beckinbauer
⦁ She shows up for her first day and settles in
⦁ Something seems a little off
⦁ But then there’s a murder!
⦁ She goes down to the park to see the body with veteran detective Chuck Palarmo
⦁ Everybody calls him “Cheese” for some reason
⦁ The body is of an old man
⦁ Cheese thinks it’s an open and shut case, but something doesn’t feel right to Angela
⦁ Maybe it’s the giant bullet hole in his back
⦁ A creepy old lady wanders in
⦁ People call her the “Headmaster”.
⦁ The Headmaster gives Angela an ominous warning: “It’s always the first person you suspect!”
⦁ Back at the station, Angela hears that they’re closing the case
⦁ She goes to the sergeant, a man by the name of Jimmy Plop
⦁ Angela tries to convince him otherwise, but Plop wants nothing to do with it
⦁ “If you can’t be a team player here Beckinbauer, maybe you need to go back to where you came from.”
⦁ Hurt, Angela goes back to her desk to dwell on the situation, but she is convinced something bigger is happening and maybe there is a conspiracy happening in this small-town police force.
⦁ Angela decided to come back after hours to look at the report, but when she gets into the station, she sees the entire force, as well as Cheese and Jimmy Plop, having a meeting without her.
⦁ Using some stealth techniques that she picked up in the academy, she ends up grabbing the report without anybody noticing.
⦁ When she gets back to her motel room, she spreads out the report on the table
⦁ She grabs one single paper, holds it up, and looks at it in horror

End of pilot.


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