New TV Pilot Idea

“Better Human”

⦁ Wes, a normal 30-year-old dude, emerges from his front door wearing a cheap tie and a worn dress shirt
⦁ He trips and falls over something on his porch
⦁ He picks up a package addressed to him and rips it open, finding a brightly covered information pamphlet and a small vial containing two pills
⦁ The pamphlet says “Be a Better Human Today!”
⦁ He opens his door again and tosses the box back in his house
⦁ Wes arrives at his job in the back of a vacuum store as a vacuum repairman
⦁ Craig, his boss, comes in and tells him that vacuum sales are down, so he’s going to have to fire him
⦁ He receives his last paycheque and hits the streets.
⦁ Wes passes a department store and sees something in the window.
⦁ He goes in with his paycheque and comes out with a brand new fluffy pink pillow.
⦁ Wes goes back home, a man at a crossroads, unsure of his next step in life
⦁ He grabs a sharpie and a pad of paper and writes something in bold letters
⦁ With the piece of paper on his chest that reads: “Too Broken to Fix”, Wes attempts to suffocate himself with the new pillow he bought
⦁ Instead, he just keeps sneezing, later realizing he is allergic to the pillow material
⦁ When that doesn’t work, he lies on the ground in despair
⦁ Then, in the corner of his eye, he sees the package he tripped over earlier
⦁ He opens it back up again and grabs the vial of pills
⦁ Wes swallows them whole without water, without even knowing what they do
⦁ He reads over the pamphlet, but it doesn’t give him any answers, all it says is “Be a Better Human Today!” and has a phone number on it
⦁ Shaking, Wes takes his phone out and dials the number
⦁ It rings
⦁ And rings
⦁ Until finally, somebody answers the call

End of Pilot.


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