Poetry Corner

Walking into that tiny shop
Smell of fresh baked bread
Just try to stop
Me from ordering a sub
And loading it up
Like I’m a newborn cub
Feasting for the first time.
Subway, yeah! Subway, yeah!

Yo sandwich artist, give me the goods
Ham and cheese and peppers and beef
Lettuce and olives and tomatoes, chief
Load up all the different kinds of foods
So I can leave feeling complete
All the food groups in my intestines
Mixing together after I dine
Placed in a sweet, toasted sub.
Subway, yeah! Subway, yeah!

Sitting with my best pal Jared Fogle
Look at all the weight he lost
And he did it the right way
We high-five our subs together
And slam them back
Like they’re a finely aged wine
Satisfied and healthier!
Subway, yeah! Subway, yeah!

I call that one: “Failed Subway Jingle”


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