Poetry Corner

That feeling you get when your
Head hits the pillow
After a long day of lifting weights and
Noggin’ some fools online, just
Knowing that you have a roof over your head is soothing.
You know, 1 in 5 dentists don’t agree
On everything, especially when it comes toothpastes
Unfortunately, they don’t know much about anything else
Forget even asking their
Opinion, it’s probably useless.
Regardless, they went to school for a long time so
Really, they should know about more stuff than just toothpaste.
Early humans told stories
About the dangers of putting your head out the car window
Definitely a dumb thing to do because if
I recall, there was a time when a friend of a friend of mine had
No head left after they stuck it out a window on a whim
Grossly decapitating it and those things don’t grow back.

I call that one: “Three Stories in One Poem” and also “Read the First letter of Each Line to Make Sense of it All.”


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