The Future

     The year is 2072.
     You arrive at the grocery store through those large, automatic double doors. Heading first to Aisle 1, you pick out a box of Froot Loops. The bigger size is the cheapest for some reason, but there is no way you’ll finish the whole thing before it goes stale. Doesn’t matter. Then it’s off to the dairy section. Two litres of milk and a tub of strawberry-rhubarb yogurt, the pile you’ve accumulated makes you wish you grabbed a basket. A mistake you’ve made before and you’ll make again.
      It’s a long line up, of course, but you stand there and browse the gossip magazines. Elvis is still alive, working at a Trader Joes somewhere in the Midwest. The colony on Mars ran out of food and are starting to eat each other. Flying cars are only a few years away.
Finally, you reach the cashier. Her name is Destiny and you wait an uncomfortable amount of time until she greets you, because stubbornness is all you have left in this life. There is small talk, and then you pay by putting your Chinese-made phone up against a machine. No wait, you have cash. You use cash this time.
     When you leave the building, you stop and smell the fresh air. Except it isn’t fresh air. The world is a ball of fire and lava. As you know, alien dragons came to this world sometime in the winter of 2021. It started innocently at first. The leader of their people met with the leaders of Earth. There were photos taken. Then some things were said on social media that got lost in translation and we found out that the alien dragons actually wanted to take over and destroy the world the whole time, so they ended up making quick work of the humans in power, but left most of them alone to live their lives. Others were sent to the alien dragon planet to serve as slaves to their species. Some say they’re the lucky ones.
      So, you leave the grocery store to this world of red and get in your car. It’s a late model Toyota, probably a 2058, right around where switched back from six tires to four. You drive like it’s not the end of the world and you could be picked to leave this planet and sling rocks and hit things with hammers somewhere in space.
     You come home to your dog and cat, because in the year 2072, dogs and cats finally are able to cohabitate and live as friends. They don’t speak English, but that’s probably closer to a reality than flying cars at this point. You take a seat on your luxury couch and turn on the TV. Except it’s not a physical TV, it is projected on to a giant white wall.
     A Big Bang Theory re-run is on.
     You sit back, the box of Froot Loops at your side and the tub of yogurt tucked between your legs. You take out a Loop, dip it in the yogurt and put it in your mouth. You smile.
     This is the future. It’s not so bad here.


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