The Previous Works

As this book winds to an end, I just want to take some time to promote other works that I have done in the past. They include, but are not limited to:

⦁ Harry Potter: Why Is This Murderer Still on The Loose?
⦁ Go Jump Off A Bridge and Other Witty Comebacks
⦁ Hangnails, Worse Than Child Birth?
⦁ Yesterday I Felt Creative, Today Not So Much
⦁ Bert and Ernie: Not Just Roommates
⦁ Why You Can’t Trust Clocks
⦁ A Man First, A Writer Third
⦁ Ready or Not: The Night They Couldn’t Find Timmy
⦁ Words: What Do They Mean?
⦁ The Never Before Told Story of the; Semi-Colon
⦁ Babies: Why?
⦁ Why Are Car Tires Black and 147 Other Things Nobody Cares About
⦁ Apples: You’re Eating Them Wrong
⦁ Strategically Placed Words


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