Just a guy who’s likes to write, mostly about hockey. Living and working in Victoria and the dream is that one day somebody pays me to write words about hockey.

My bio:


JOSH SALES (26), a SKINNY and RECLUSIVE man who enjoys wearing CARDIGAN sweaters and CORDUROY pants only in the privacy of his own home, which he shares with his two CATS. A fourth year writing student at the University of Victoria, he feels like he has written enough bad stuff so far that he’s optimistic that there is “nowhere to go but up.”

He SITS down at his desk and picks up his favourite pen. He has named it HARVEY. Harvey has a 0.7mm tip and writes in black.

Josh begins to write.

“Aspiring screenwriter. Written scripts for film as well as TV pilots, most notably one called The Daily Cal. He considers himself a funny guy who has yet to reach his full potential.”

He crumpled up the paper and threw it behind him, missing the garbage can by two feet. Josh considered this a metaphor for his life up to this point.

Josh grabs a new piece of paper and slams it down on the rickety desk.

“Successful screenwriter. He has written widely acclaimed scripts for film and television and has many friends. There are lots of examples of his wonderful works, like The Daily Cal, but he also enjoys writing scripts for short films, like one called Harvey, and another one called A Day in the Death, which were both written in 2017. He wears cool clothes, like leather pants and a wife-beater with flames bedazzled on it.”

Josh picks up the piece of paper and tapes it to his fridge.