2017 NHL Draft Rankings

Now look, I know what you are thinking. Who are you and why do you think you can just make your own draft rankings? Now that’s a great question and one I’m going to ignore and just get to my exclusive 2017 NHL DRAFT RANKINGS!

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The 2011-2014 WHL Bantam Drafts: Recapping the Royals and Their Choices

The Four Part Series below:

Part 1: The 2011 WHL Draft

Part 2: The 2012 WHL Draft

Part 3: The 2013 WHL Draft

Part 4: The 2014 WHL Draft

Part 5, the final part, will be a little bit of a recap, going over these four drafts and how important they were to the Victoria Royals franchise.

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The Victoria Royals Draft History: The 2014 Edition

We have chronicled 2011 through 2013 in previous editions of the series, and now for the last one. 2014 is the final draft year that we can really judge since the players in the 2015 and 2016 drafts haven’t played enough at this point in their careers.

So, without further ado, the 2014 WHL Bantam Draft:

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The 2012 WHL Bantam Draft: How Did Victoria Do?

Welcome to Part Two of our series on the Victoria Royals and their short WHL Bantam Draft history. In the first part, we saw how Victoria left a lot of players on the table who turned out to be studs but is that also true for the 2012 draft that gave Royals’ fans Tyler Soy and Chaz Reddekopp?

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Looking Back at the Victoria Royals WHL Bantam Draft History: 2011

It’s been a week since the 2017 WHL Bantam Draft which saw the Royals take 12 players over 12 rounds. The future success of these 15-year-old players is unknown, and it really is a crapshoot if a player picked in the first round or the eleventh round will ever play a game in the WHL.

When looking at the most recent Bantam Draft, it got me thinking about the success of the draft picks under General Manager Cameron Hope since the Royals moved to Victoria from Chilliwack in 2011. What percentage of his picks turned into WHL players and who were, in hindsight, the better players left on the table? Let’s take a look.

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How I Would Fix the Vancouver Canucks: Part Four

Part Four! Today, we hit October and go over the opening night roster, what I would do during the trade deadline and what the roster would look like once the season is completed.

Read on to find out how this idiot will get one step closer to fixing the Vancouver Canucks.

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The 2017-2018 Victoria Royals: Which Players Won’t Be Back?

The 2016-2017 Victoria Royals didn’t exactly sneak their way into the playoffs, finishing 14 points ahead of the next placed Spokane Chiefs, but they did end up as the second Wildcard team in the Western Hockey League’s Western Conference, losing their last 7 games of the season to set up a first round matchup with the Everett Silvertips. We all know how that ended, with the longest overtime game in the history of the Canadian Hockey League. With that loss, which Victoria Royals played in their last game for the club?

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