2017 NHL Draft Rankings

Now look, I know what you are thinking. Who are you and why do you think you can just make your own draft rankings? Now that’s a great question and one I’m going to ignore and just get to my exclusive 2017 NHL DRAFT RANKINGS!

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The Victoria Royals Draft History: The 2014 Edition

We have chronicled 2011 through 2013 in previous editions of the series, and now for the last one. 2014 is the final draft year that we can really judge since the players in the 2015 and 2016 drafts haven’t played enough at this point in their careers.

So, without further ado, the 2014 WHL Bantam Draft:

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How I Would Fix the Vancouver Canucks: The Final Part

What have I learned through this long process of fixing the Vancouver Canucks? Well for one, this is going to take forever to complete. We are on the right track, and I could probably do this for 10 more parts and still not be in the playoffs.

In this final part, we go through the 2018 draft and the 2018 re-signing and free agency period and predict what the starting lineup may look like at the beginning of the 2018-2019 season.

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NHL Playoff Predictions: Minnesota vs. St. Louis

Is this the most underrated matchup in the West? The Mike Yeo redemption tour runs through Minnesota as he looks to upset his former team. The Wild versus the Blues could really go any direction. Just how close is this matchup? Let’s crunch the numbers!

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NHL Playoff Predictions: Chicago vs. Nashville

The best team in the West versus the worst team. It’s how the playoffs used to work, but with the new wildcard system, you’re more likely to see something a little more competitive in the first round. Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Nashville Predators. Who’s going to win the series? The answer may (not) surprise you.

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NHL Playoff Predictions: Edmonton vs. San Jose

It’s the Western Conference’s version of the young stars against the (literal) grizzled veterans. One team is two years removed from drafting Connor McDavid with the first overall pick, while the other was in the Stanley Cup final ten months ago. The two teams may have finished the season with similar records, but the predicted winner of this series is a no-brainer.

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NHL Playoff Predictions: Anaheim vs. Calgary

Do you smell it? No, not the fresh cut grass of your neighbours’ lawn, or uhh, other scents of the Spring season, but instead, can you smell the playoffs? No, not literally of course, especially if you reside west of the Rocky Mountains and have forgotten what that may smell like, but what I’m trying to get at here is that it is the second week of April and it’s time for some meaningful NHL hockey. The playoffs start in a few days, and here are some breakdowns of the first round series’, starting with the Anaheim Ducks vs. the Calgary Flames.

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